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Search Help

Search Form
When searching, you can choose to search for either documents or databases.
    -When searching for documents, a search is performed on all databases which are indexed as well as any indexed file systems
    -When searching for databases, a search is performed on all database titles listed in the catalog.
For each search on documents you perform you can choose which type of results you want returned.
    -Terse results display the relevance, the type ( document or file system) the date of the document or file, and the title of the document or URL of the file.
    -Detailed results display the same data as Terse results, plus the title of the database and the author of the document
You can also determine how you want your results sorted: by relevance, oldest or newest.

To perform a simple search for documents, just enter the string you want to search for into the edit control and hit the Search button.

To perform a more advanced search, or to choose options for your search, select the "Advanced Search" link and you can add more detailed queries to your search.

You can use the logical operators OR/AND/NOT to combine the elements of your query, and for each type of item you choose to search on you can choose type-specific criteria to further refine your query.
    For example, when searching for Text, Author or Title you can refine your query with the criteria 'contains' or 'does not contain', while for either Date Created or Date Modified you the criteria choices are 'is on' , 'is after', 'is between', 'is not between' or 'is not on'.

You can also choose what to include in your search (Notes Databases and/or File Systems), choose which categories to limit your search to, determine whether to search using word variants ('cat' will also find 'cats'), perform a 'fuzzy' search, as well as determine how many results per page you want to display and what the maximum number of results you want.

From the Search form you can also choose to browse the databases listed in the catalog by hitting the Browse Catalog button in the upper right.

Search Results
Search results are displayed based on the type of results you specified in the Search form (Terse or Detailed) and in the order you specified (by relevance, oldest first or newest first). Each page of results is limited to the number of entries you specified on the Search Form (default is 20 per page) and the total number of hits is limited to the number you specified on the Search Form (default is all possible results, expressed by specifying 0).

On the top of each Search result page is a description of the number of results represented on this page out of the total number of hits your query returned
(ie. 1-20 of 100)
It also displays on the next line what the query was that you searched for.

When searching for documents or file systems, you will see a Previous and Next buttons on both the top and bottom of the page. These buttons allow you to get the next or previous page of results.

When searching for databases, all hits are returned on one page.

In order to open a particular document or file system, click on the link (in blue ).
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