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Zurich Services Corporation impairment program

When fire protection systems are out of service, the potential for serious loss is significantly increased. The Zurich Services Corporation impairment program includes "Guidelines for Impairments to Fire Protection Systems" that offer best practices for managing fire protection outages. A copy of this guideline can be downloaded by going to the following link:

Impairment notification/restoration

Zurich Services Corporation should be notified of planned impairments before they occur. For emergency impairments, notify us as soon as the emergency has been controlled. Once the fire protection system is back in service, notify us of the restoration.

We can be notified of impairments and restorations by one of the following three methods:

1. Online notification:

Fill out our Fire System Work Permit Online (easiest method).

2. Fax:

Fax the Fire System Work Permit to any of the following regional risk engineering offices:

Toll-free (any region)


866-622-5154 Fax

Locations outside of the US can also fax their permits to the above number

3. e-Mail:

E-Mail the Fire System Work Permit to:


Please attach the permit to the e-mail.

Telephone assistance

For telephone assistance at anytime, please call 800-695-6036.

Impairment supplies and other information may be obtained by calling 800-982-5964.
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