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Crimson Online Reporting

Accessing your risk assessment reports online makes managing the risks in your business simpler and quicker because you have instant access to all the information you need in one place.

Through Crimson, our customers gain instant access to their proprietary Zurich Risk Engineering risk assessment reports, which can be viewed to the desired level of detail and sorted according to a number of parameters. This helps corporate customers gain a higher level of visibility over their global risk profile at any given time, detect risks faster, and manage their business risks more efficiently.

The benefits of Crimson enable you to:
  • have online access to all reports and supporting information from your risk engineering program in one place and one format – you manage your business risks far easier
  • see not just your risk engineering report, but also the data that comprises your report – you take what you need directly from our global reporting system 'Pandora'
  • export, download and integrate your report data into Excel spreadsheets – you create powerful management information integrating this data into your own reports
  • manage the administration of Crimson users within your business – you control who has access to the system and the level of information they can see
  • track progress on risk improvement and advice recommended by our Risk Engineer for individual locations, or at the program level – you see what needs to be done and when, and benchmark the improvement across your locations
  • access information and guidance on technical and legislative issues with the assistance of our Knowledge Navigator – you find instant answers to your risk management questions

Because we understand that our corporate customers have more complex requirements for data distribution and management reporting, we additionally can offer to:
  • manage your report distribution and access control to site reports – you determine how this should be constructed; we create the reporting infrastructure and manage it for you
  • customize report data exports into Excel spreadsheets to your specific needs – you identify your data requirements and Excel spreadsheet format from the available reports and we will deliver you a set of specific downloads from Crimson

If you are a registered user of Crimson, click the link below to access the tool and log in with your issued username and password:

If you would like to register for Crimson, click the link below to go to the service registration page:

For further assistance, please contact us.

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