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Property Risk Services Approach / Expertise

With an employee average of more than 15 years of experience in the field, the property risk services team brings unique insights to our customers. Insight that goes into every accurate, detailed risk assessment we create and all the specific, practical recommendations we make. We simply arm our customers with many tools to help them make the best possible decisions.

Consider: A customer brought in members of the property risk services team to assess its property program in the middle of a major new construction project. The risk engineers immediately recognized substandard specifications in the project design that would put the property below highly protected risk standards. Left undetected, it could eventually jeopardize the customer’s overall HPR status.

Our response: We gave the risk manager a full report analyzing the situation, along with a cost-effective recommendation for correcting the gap in protection. The risk manager implemented the recommendation immediately, maintaining the quality of his program and protecting his HPR status.

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